Memoriam (Memories)

Under 'Memoriam' memories of the author are published. 'Memoriam' consists of the Latin word 'memoria', meaning 'memory', and the Sanskrit postfix '-am'. With the Latin word a narrative affinity with Roman Catholicism is indicated, in which Latin is the sacred language, and with the Sanskrit postfix a narrative affinity with Hinduism is indicated, in which Sanskrit is the sacred language.

At the moment only a few publications from this series are published.

Author Series Title Language Index
Arvindus Memoriam Memoriam English 201904002
Arvindus Memoriam Devanna English 201608164
Arvindus Memoriam Svadeva English 201402264
Arvindus Memoriam Ageless Wisdom English 201211104
Arvindus Memoriam Translations English 201204183
Arvindus Memoriam Arvindus and Contemplationam English 201001094
Arvindus Memoriam Written Use of Language English 200900002
Arvindus Memoriam Academic Philosophy English 200609002
Arvindus Memoriam Logs and Series English 200511002