Diary of Eternity

A Timeless Moment


Amritapuri, 29 November 2005

A few days ago the warm sun coloured the backwaters, beheld from the bridge-construction, to a paradisiacal delight for the eye. Still, there was no special depth in the perception.

Black little fish of various sizes nibbled at the algaed wooden poles. On a lonely pole at two or three meters distance alighted a kingfisher. It did not seem shy. Now and then the little head went up and down as if it had hiccups. The colours were gorgeous like in the well known photos. Bright orange chest with shiny blue wings.

Still, the entire splendour and beauty of the moment did not fully arrive. Recognition of beauty cannot be forced. Depth cannot be dug. It opens and reveals itself at its own time and place. Effort is the movement that shuts it out.

Ten meters ahead was a dog standing with its head in a metal bucket. Seen from the looks of the metal cups that were scattered around it was a bucket with drinking water for the workers. The dog however did not know any conditioning of what would and what would not be proper. It followed its thirst and drank the water without feelings of guilt.

A crow flew there and back over the dog to alight left and right on a chair and on a barrel. Every time it flew over the dog it scratched the dog on the back. This one however did not let itself be distracted and drank the water on its ease. When it had quenched its thirst it turned to look the mischief in the eye.

The dog looked the crow in the eye, and the crow looked the dog in the eye. A moment of eternity, of complete silence. In the recognition of each other in the depth there is unity. From the tail of the fixed downward leaning crow to the tail of the dog there was one line, one awareness. A timeless moment.

Then the crow flew up and also the dog continued its way. Eternity flew into thoughts.