Diary of Eternity

Endlessness on Two Square Meters


Amritapuri, 30 November 2005

From the late morning to the late afternoon time was spent with semi concentrated work in the recycle place, the workroom and with the washing of the floor in the international eating section of the big hall. After the refreshing shower there was relaxation on the small square balcony corner between the two stairs that connect floor twelve with floor thirteen. There was relaxation of body and mind, and awareness made its entry.

The view over the backwaters was overwhelming in beauty. The sun coloured the coconut palms with a shiny hue of gold over the green foliage. In the light blue sky floated almost threatening appearing clouds. Full clouds. Not fading, but with sharp contours and forms, which here and there held the green foliage back a golden hue by casting a dark shadow.

Although seated in the shadow was the concrete floor due to the whole day of sun still lovely warm and comfortable. There were very small black ants, and the ochre yellow weaver ants had a path on the corner of the wall going upwards. Some left the path for a moment to explore a few centimeters of the little balcony. Alert as ever they reacted to every perceived movement by turning themselves with spreaded jaws to the movement. With forward directed antennae they seemed to want to taste the nature of the movement.

There was endlessness on two square meters. Though the sun would soon set there was no time. Timelessness and endlessness made their entry in the openness of deep relaxation.