Diary of Eternity

The Vacuum


Amritapuri, 03 December 2005

It started this morning wide after the IAM meditation. There was a careful exploration of the insights that had revealed themselves in the consciousness in the previous time period, and careful exploration of the to the insights related questions was there too.

An insight about the function of the brain shot as an abstraction like a flash of lightning into the consciousness. The abstraction was concretely written down and the questioning of the insight began. Not self directed, not imagined, but deep and abstract questions that seemed to well up from a given of beyond the mind. There was an exploring of depth and a sensitive openness and alertness for a possible inflow of insight into the vacuum of the question.

There was no writing because in the meantime the stairs of the flat were being descended on the way to the big hall. There seated at the east side of the hall there was depth. From the depth there was perception. Sharp, clear, not dull or blurred.

The clear and lighting colours from outside made an excellent contrast with the dark and modest colours in the hall. Sun shone bright green leaves and bright beige trunks of the trees and palms against a background of a light blue sky flowed with force through the rhombic grille and through the space between the pillars into the dark grey with dull white hall. The rapture of the colour play was there, and the cunning mosquito's, so fond of human feet, and the croaking crows in the hall were not excluded from the rapture.

There seated were question and insight a play in itself. They were fierce, luminous, assertive. Sharp were they, and extremely fast. Like fiery flashes of lightning they shot through the consciousness. The vacuum of the question annihilated the insight, and the insight filled the vacuum to disappear on its turn again in the vacuum of another question.

There was no actor. No questioning and no answering. Only a spontaneous play of question and insight occurred in the consciousness. There was no winner and no loser, but nevertheless was at the end of the play all vacuum filled with insight. No; the vacuum was the insight. Merged. One. There was joy.

And on the other side of the big hall the serving of breakfast was started.