Diary of Eternity

A Dance of Joy


Amritapuri, 05 December 2005

This afternoon it was there for a moment. There was no reason, no apparent cause why the deep awareness would step in.

One was seated in front of the open door of the small printing. Machines hissed and battered and made their metal mechanics audible. Cool tube lightning seemed to accentuate an absence of tenderness and the last drops of a big rain shower made a general expecting of dejection complete. And still it entered.

During the walk through the hamlet Vallikau previously it already seemed dormantly present. Now it revealed itself intensely and deep. The magnet in the heart pulled and changed the surroundings. Inner beauty revealed itself in outer beauty and the outer beauty was being recognised in the depth.

An alone growing and little branched creeper at the wall revealed a serene silence in the deep dark green of its leaves. Another little plant was planted in a hanging pot about two meters right of the creeper. It had several relatively short branches that from the pot via a downward bow sturdy reached upward. Its lovely pink purple flowers danced on the by the wind played branches. It was a dance of joy that knew coldness nor absence of tenderness.

The dance of the joy with the silence was not being disturbed by the people that walked by, nor by the impressions from the printing. There was only that. The silence and the joy in the depth. The eternal dance that never in exactly this way will be danced again.