Diary of Eternity

The Surface of Human Capacities


Amritapuri, 10 December 2005

Yesterday around noon one was seated in the temple. Amma gave satsang, gave her answers to questions of people, and the temple had flocked full. People were sitting close to each other on the ground, women at the right and men at the left. People seemed on first sight full of attention for Amma's words. The teacher spoke and the students listened.

In reality however there is no such thing as a teacher and a student. Being teacher and being student are forms of identification. There can only be open exchange of words. It is only in attention in listening and in attention in speaking that we learn to know ourselves.

Inwardly an own satsang took place. Question and answer found somewhere a strong stimulus to play their game with each other. The questions were deep and the answers were deep. The lightning awareness of the moment sharpened them, and they cut through the dogma's of the outer satsang that had a flow of their own on the surface. There was sensitivity and alertness. Brain cells vibrated in joy when superficialities were sharply seen through and with that thrown out.

The day before yesterday there was an email. The repairman of the laptop discovered that besides the ten gigabyte hard disk the laptop also contained a twenty gigabyte hard disk. This one however was never recognised because it had not been formatted.

Also it seems that, according to scientific research, a large part of the human brain is latent, not being used. What are the latent, not recognised capacities in the human being?

Only a deep contemplation on one's self leading to a deep self-awareness can make a recognition of and a claiming of these latent possibilities come into being. Dogma's and concepts only make us circle around on the surface of human capacities.