Diary of Eternity

Catching Fish in the Depth


Amritapuri, 27 December 2005

In the early morning, around half past seven, one was seated at the deserted bridge construction site at the backwaters. There was a cool wind that felt physically somewhat uncomfortable, and which for the moment won from the warmth of the sunrays.

The consciousness was superficial and not deep. The silence and the beauty of the moment did not enter and seemed as if shielded or veiled by a massive layer of conscious and unconscious thoughts.

There were a few lonely black crows, several water birds, and a kingfisher while calling whizzed like an arrow from one waterside to the other. The big wooden fishing net construction reflected on the rippled water, and two fishermen in a small simple boat approached.

The analogy entered crystal clear in sharp words; 'how can we ever catch the fish in the depth when we only gaze obsessed at the ripples on the water surface?'

Thoughts are like the ripples on the water surface: Illusionary and without real substance, but for the gazer however real enough to veil the depth of life. By remaining with our attention at the surface of the mind we miss out on the joys that swim around like fish in our deeper life.