Diary of Eternity

A Heart Fire


Amritapuri, 19 March 2006

Two days ago one was seated in the internet cafe of the ashram. Placed on the balcony part in the temple it was a small room where in a working space of about four computers nevertheless six computers were placed closely next to each other.

There was no sitting to roam the worldwide web oneself, but it was an ashram seva as supervisor.

The westside of the little room had a door, a small table at the right next to it, and in the right corner were placed the central connections from where a jumble of cables sprouted. At the northside were four computers placed close against each other. The eastside had a window with one full and one half opened shutter, and at the soutside were two computers with a little more working space. Between the second computer and the to the inside opened door one was seated on a chair.

With the chair turned to the northwest corner the eyes found a point of relaxation between the jumble of cables. The magnet in the heart was in these full moon days already almost constantly in changing intensity present, and now relaxed seated it intensified.

Keyboards and mice ticked and clicked, the fan at the ceiling rattled with the switch on five, and the jumble of cable changed into a universe on itself with in each other weaved and entangled elements that usually are seen only as cables. It was a delightful unlinearity that could not be understood by the linear mind. A universe in the corner of the room revealed however in the apparent chaos its underlying balance, and that balance found its centre in delight.

A young woman with her husband reported for the internet use. Estimated between twenty-five and thirty years of age, the woman was an eastern type. She had a tainted skin that nevertheless shone through a pink blush on her cheeks. Her coal black eyes matched with the black, long but pinned up hair. A Nepalese looking type with a small and fine posture. She spoke her perfect Great Britain English in a extraordinary soft and modest way. The whole impression was one of refinement.

Seated down at the computer in the northeast corner her presence was like a non-ceasing wind over a simmering fire. A heart fire flared up, and it was a fire of love. Love stepped inside and love stepped outside, but it was one movement. There was depth. A deep depth where no thought or personality could enter. From that depth there was radiation. Penetrating and enveloping. Love embraced love and love was being embraced by love. A blissful melting together in pure presence. It was a nourishment and a healing for the whole being.

Keyboards and mice ticked and clicked, the fan at the ceiling rattled with the switch on five, and they were the decor for love that entered the stage.