Diary of Eternity

24 March 2006, Amritapuri

After a visit today at the internet café one walked along the main road of Vallikavu back towards the backwaters. Halfway, after the relative busy but still cosy feeling shop and marked section was left behind, awareness entered. The tread became slow though full of alertness, and the awareness from where the feet were placed soft though firmly on the earth stretched the back to a haughtily posture.

There was spirit, but it was not a spirit reserved to a separated person. A great wondering and wonderful delight about the beauty of the environment made the boundaries of the I sense fade away. The senses became mouths that fed themselves with the magnificent display of colours all around and with the delightful sultriness of the wind that caressed the skin as in an act of love.

Life and intelligence permeated everything. The with their shadow coolness granting leaf trees. Little grasses and plants in different shades of green at the right side of the road. Little algae in the water in the small canal at the left. Little mosses on the wall. Everything. Plant, animal and man were all equal children of that one life, of that one incomprehensible intelligence that brought everything to a unique form. That intelligence that makes flowers flower, birds sing and humans love, yes; makes even subatomic particles shimmer in intelligent directed activity. Underlying the myriads of diversity were life and intelligence the one fundamental unity. All were children under the wings of a caring and incomprehensible mother. A mother that was as well inside as around.

In the meantime, floating in a small wooden ferry boat on the waves of the backwaters, was the rocking of the boat a being rocked in the arms of that one mother. Rocked on the waves of intelligence and of life there was nothing but peace.