Diary of Eternity

A Step in the Spacious, Open Life


Amritapuri, 05 April 2006

This morning after breakfast one was seated, alone in the room. It was the last morning of an almost twelve month long stay in the ashram in Amritapuri. There seated on a chair with a straight back did the eyes sense the givens in the room.

The room was in the meantime almost fully cleared out, and without the breaking elements of bed, hanging clothes and other things could the floor, the wall opposite and the ceiling be perceived almost in their whole.

The floor was tiled in a light beige colour and had a sort of flaming pattern. The wall and the ceiling were plastered white and these, especially the wall, reflected the by the four windows bright entering light in a particular clear way.

The perception of the room and the consciousness of the moment seemed to reflect each other perfectly. The absence of so many elements in the room became an absence of elements in the consciousness, and a large space and openness seemed to come up in an expansive way from an inner centre. Overtaking the consciousness it expanded over the perception of the room until there was just one given of space, openness and expansion. This one given of space, openness and expansion was life. Life was open. Fully open and endlessly expansive. In this openness there was an inflow of insight, which made its entrance from the centre on wings of joy. And the insight was the sublime blissful openness and space of life.

The bus to Karunagapaly would now come soon. And with suitcase and bag stepping out the door this step was a step placed in the spacious, open life.