Diary of Eternity

A Possessionless Wealth


Helmond, 26 June 2006

It was a period of uncertainties. No Job, no income, and without own accommodation was stayed with parents. As so many times before was driven with the car in the direction of the two blending woods area's Stippelberg and Beestenveld, situated between the little Brabants hamlets Milheeze and de Rips. Attention lost in thoughts about a creation of securities the eyes scanned the field of vision in a half conscious state.

As unexpected as powerful did an awareness of the gorgeous green leafed trees near the side of the road split the thinking process and brought in a lightening penetration with it a delightful insight: One may not posses anything, but who has the beauty of life, what is left to wish for such a person? The beauty, the insight and the awareness were inseparable contained in a delightful thoughtlessness that also during the walk through the woods still remained. Life there showed its unmeasurable wealth.

And thoughtless became the walk through the woods a possessionless wealth.