Don't Use It

  • Title: Citations, Don't Use It.
  • Author: Arvindus.
  • Publisher: Arvindus.
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  • Index: 202003111.
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Don't Use It to Lose It

The well known and much used expression 'use it or lose it' expresses logically that a certain quality is either used or lost [Ux∨Lx]. The expression purposes to indicate the desirability of keeping a quality. From the logic of the expression it can be deduced that if a quality is not used it will get lost. And this is what is logically expressed with the expression 'don't use it to lose it' [¬Ux⇒Lx]. This expression purposes to indicate the desirability of losing a quality. A vicious ingrained habit is often overcome by abstinence. Periods of fasting are helpful in losing gluttonous habbits and periods of celibacy are helpful in losing cupidinous habbits. Don't use them to lose them.