Diary of Eternity

Father Care and Mother Care


Helmond, 28 February 2021

This afternoon was walked over a head road through the neighbourhood of Brandevoort. At the left there was a wide strip with water and green behind which rows of houses in historical style were standing, and at the right there was a road with roundabouts behind which rows of houses in more village style were built. In between was walked on a footpath that was laid next to an at the right lying bicycle path. It was an overall sunny day with a somewhat cutting wind. On that bicycle path a young man of around or beyond thirty with his son, thus was supposed, of three or four years old neared. The little boy went ahead of his walking father on a children's bicycle. Nearing the bicycle turned out to be a learning bicycle. At the back side a vertical orange stick was fixed. The boy was swinging cycling over the bicycle path and the father, in a pace that kept the middle between walking and running, closely followed the child with the right hand almost, but not entirely, gripping the stick. When the child would threaten to fall during its bicycle lesson its father would be able to correct or catch the fall.

Not much attention was given to the scene until in the evening. During an evening shower the mind, following its nature, went from one theme into another until it stabilized in the theme of the experiences in Amritapuri. There dogmas and authorities were thrown out to discover from the own intrinsicity truth. It was minded how Master Morya through Geert Crevits in personal messages had predicted this. For therein it was said that inwardly a form of appearance would come of not wanting to wind in circles around it anymore but to want to go straight to the goal to resume in an intense manner the own way.

After a year returned in the Netherlands however the problems on the own way were experienced as so pinching that nevertheless again appeals were made on Master Morya, through Geert Crevits or not, for support. Minding this the image that was gained in the afternoon came meaningful in remembrance. The child learned to bike independently and had lost its father from sight. The father however never left its side and was ready to catch the child when independently it would come to fall. Thus throughout the years also the presence of the Master was experienced. Independently it was tried to in an intense manner go the own way, like a child on a learning bicycle, to with a threatening fall still be, at least somewhat, caught by an at the background ever present guiding father.

A satsang of Amma, of Mata Amritanandamayi, now also was remembered. In that satsang Amma told that She had three types of disciples, by Her also named 'children', with which She indicated by the way all beings. The first type of disciple She described as a baby monkey. Wherever the mother monkey goes; the baby monkey grips its mother tight. The second type of disciple was described as a kitten. The mother cat sometimes leaves the kittens alone. However when the kittens start to meow the mother cat hurries to her kittens to take care of them. The third type of disciple, to conclude, Amma described as a baby eagle. The mother eagle leaves the chickens behind in the nest and is soaring herself on great heights. Being far removed from her nest she however always keeps her eyes directed on her chickens. But, Amma added to this comparison, that last type of disciple is not found in Her ashram in Amritapuri.

With a certain feeling of gratitude was stepped in the meantime away from under the shower. It was a gratitude for the fatherly care of Master Morya and a gratitude for the motherly care of Amma, of whatever type these may have been and be.