Diary of Eternity

The Inner Laugh


Amritapuri, 29 November 2005

A few days ago in the workroom the heat was there as ever when the sun casts its warm rays on the iron corrugated roof. The ventilator gave cooling and the focus on the work got lost into thoughts.

A play of sound penetrated the consciousness and sharpened the awareness. Outside some crows were croaking loudly, and they seemed excited. Ever more excited crow sounds joined in with the croaking crow choir. The question what brought them to such an excitement lay open. The answer came when the loud climax of excited croaking crows was followed by a soft, mild and ever cutest 'miaow'.

Contrast is beauty, joy, and the inner laugh that needs no expression. Contrast is not contradiction. Contradiction separates and brings with that conlict into being. Contrast is the diversity in the unity. A harmonic expression of creativity that can only be experienced when the contradiction in thought comes in awareness to an end.