Academic Philosophy



Somewhere in the summer of 2006 I was sitting in front of my laptop in my small bedroom in the house of my parents when somehow I arrived on the webpage about the philosopher René Descartes. There I read how René Descartes as initial Christian decided in his method of doubt to doubt all doctrines to discover for himself a first evidence (which would result in the well-known expression 'I think, therefore I am'). In this method of doubt I recognized the process which I went through in the previous year. For in that year in Amritapuri I also arrived at throwing out all doctrines to discover truths within myself. Clicking further I arrived at the webpage of the philosophy faculty of the Radboud University in Nijmegen, where the academic bachelor and master educations for philosophy were presented. I was immediately enthusiastic and decided after a short orientation to subscribe for these educations.

Normally the welfare payment organisation would not allow to follow an academic education in a social benefit situation. However my goals consultant D.E. had in the meantime requested at the external party H.V. a career examination. The results from that examination indicated the suitability of this education, and D.E. agreed on base of that with the following of this education. Law consultant M.S. however disagreed and had stopped my welfare payments, however after filing a notion of objection the welfare payments were nevertheless restarted.

Another to conquer obstacle was my study room. I found it hard to concentrate in the small bedroom in my parents' house, and initially I often took my books in my car, to park it subsequently at a secluded place, to thus study in the car. However already on 25 October 2006 I got the opportunity to go and live in a one room apartment in Bakel, because of which also this obstacle for study was taken away.

Thus happened what by Master Morya through Geert Crevits in my personal messages of 2002 and 2006 was predicted; namely that I would study further.

The texts that I wrote for this education have later been published on the Arvindus website under the series name of 'Academic Philosophy' ['Academische filosofie'].