Ageless Wisdom



The term 'ageless wisdom' (as a naming also written with capitals) refers specifically to the works of Alice Bailey but also to the teachings of the Masters of Wisdom of the trans-Himalaya lodge in general. These Masters usually don't work in public but give their teachings, mostly addressed to the Western world, telepathically to their disciples, who then make these teachings public. Examples of such Masters are Djwhal Khul, Koot Hoomi and Morya, and examples of such disciples are Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Benjamin Creme, Geert Crevits and Helena Roerich. This trans-Himalaya lodge is set apart from the South-Indian lodge which puts other emphasises and whereof the Mahatma's more often come public to give their teachings, mostly addressed to the Eastern world. For these teachings the term 'sanatana dharma' is used. 'Ageless wisdom' is actually a Western translation of the Eastern 'sanatana dharma', which shows that a unity of teaching underlies the differences of emphasises.

I have been a student of both paths of teaching and in my written contemplations under the 'Contemplations' series I also have used both sources for grounding. For this I initially still wanted to work mainly with etymology sources, however in increasing measure the ageless wisdom, and especially that of Alice Bailey, got used. This brought me in 2012 to the idea to let these sources speak for themselves. Instead of letting the ageless wisdom of the authors follow so to speak my written contemplations I also wanted my writings to explicitly follow the ageless wisdom of the authors. By writing overviews of specific themes in the ageless wisdom I aimed to increase my own insight in and knowledge of this ageless wisdom, as also to be of service to the increase of the insight and the knowledge of others.

Conform my findings in 'Ageless Wisdom, 'Secret Wisdom Teaching'' the series initially was named 'Secret Wisdom Teaching'. However on base of findings in 'Contemplations, 'Ageless Wisdom' and 'Sanatana Dharma'' the series name was later changed to 'Ageless Wisdom'.