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'Show Goodwill' is an ethical and artistic social project.

The primary goal of the project is the calling out for a showing of goodwill. The secundary goal is the by this call actually spreading of goodwill.

The means which is applied to reach these goals regards the spread of a logo which through its global symbolism can be recognized by everyone as a calling out for showing goodwill.


The vision on which the project is based handles the following presuppositions:

  1. With the perception of recognized symbols is consciously or unconsciously associated with that which they symbolize.
  2. Frequent perception of recognized symbols establishes and strengthens the notion of that which they symbolize in the consciousness and the unconsciousness.
  3. The nature of inner notions influences the nature of outer actions.
  4. The symbols of the heart and the commanding traffic sign are by most people well recognized in their meanings.

From the above is deduced that through the frequent perception of the project logo the notion of showing goodwill is with most people established and strengthened in the consciousness and the unconsciousness, by which in actions also more goodwill shall be shown.


The project has in its generality an ethical and an artistic social importance.

The ethical social importance lies therein that through the spread of the logo is called out for the showing of goodwill. A society which practices this ethical norm becomes liveable.

The artistic social importance lies therein that though the spread of the logo an artistic work is realised. And also a society wherein artistry is realised becomes liveable.

A special importance for many legal entities lies therein that with a low investment of time, energy and financial means a high return can be made.

Individuals show with their participation in a simple way to their fellow humans that they are of goodwill and call out thereto at the same time to those fellow humans. Public organisations may find their return among other things in the realisation of a project which pays off both ethically and artistically and which eventually results in a higher liveability in their domain. Clubs, foundations and religious fellowships can show with their participation their involvement. And commercial parties can through a small investment realize a good profit with the sale of products carrying the logo.

The logo is globally recognizable. It regards a commanding traffic sign with a heart in the colour red (or white). Both the heart and the commanding traffic sign are globally recognized. The heart stands for goodwill. A commanding traffic sign commands. A commanding traffic sign showing a heart commands to show goodwill.

The logo thus says; 'commanded to show goodwill' or 'show goodwill'.


Goodwill is in this project defined as 'the intention to act in accordance with the acknowledgement of the common unicity of all life forms'.

The acknowledgement of the common unicity of all life forms contains the acknowledgement that every human is unique and that that unicity is that which have all humans in common with each other. In that acknowledgement lies also the acknowledgement that all humans, despite or exactly thanks to their differences, are equal in dignity. Goodwill then can be shown by everyone to everyone, independent of someone's particularity like his / her sex, race, nationality and sexual, political and religious preferences.


For participation the project aims in its generality at all types of legal entities. Individuals, non-commercial and commercial parties are all invited to participate.

Participation simply takes place by carrying the logo of the project on a carrier. This may for instance for individuals be a piece of clothing or a bumper sticker and for catering facility a window sticker. Municipalities may think of placement of signs with the logo and commercial parties of the bringing on the market of clothing articles with the logo.

Graphic Images

Below two possible graphic images of the logo follow.

Logo Show Goodwill

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Logo Show Goodwill

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