Psychic and Physical Stagnation and Change

  • For Sabine



In this contemplation a general, short and figured overview shall be given of psychic and physical stagnation and change. In the figuration the colour black shall symbolize the physical plane and the colour grey the psychic plane.

Point of departure of this summary is the physical change of a situation as given in figure 1. In this figure point A symbolizes the original situation, point B the resulting situation and arrowed line a the change process.

Fysieke, Verandering

Figure 1.

Such a physical change shall be accompanied by a psychic conception of this change. This is depicted in figure 2, where point A' regards the original psychic situation during the physical situation A, point B' the resulting psychic situation during physical situation B and arrowed line a' the psychic change process.

Psychische, Verandering

Figure 2.

Now it is so that such physical and psychic changes usually have to be digested through re-experiencing. This especially is so when it regard deep fetching changes. This we see depicted in figure 3. From the resulted psychic situation B' is looked back on the original psychic situation A' through process b'. That original psychic situation A' is psychically re-experienced, which subsequently leads to a following psychic situation in C'.

Psychische, Stagnatie

Figure 3.

To digest deep fetching happenings it may be needed to repeat this cycle of looking back and re-experiencing several times. However the risk exists that the cycle grinds down into the consciousness because of which it is endlessly repeated. And because energy follows thought such a psychic vicious circle creates the possibility to keep repeating the experience on the physical plane. These regard for instance situations of self-fulfilling prophecies. This is depicted in figure 4, where physical process b, … follows psychic process b', …, leading to physical situation D, ….

Psychische, Fysieke, Stagnatie

Figure 4.

Now physical situations A, D, … are located on the same place, and this goes also for physical situations B, C, …, psychic situations A', D', … and psychic situations B', C', …. This shows that in the figures 3 and 4 the psychic and physical changes are actually stagnated. This vicious circle and this stagnation however can be broken by bending the momentum of c', … at B', C', … not back through b', …, but by bending it through d' to the new psychic situation E', as depicted in figure 5.

Psychische, Verandering

Figure 5.

Figure 5 indicates the situation where truely is learned from the described circular process through the breaking thereof by psychic change d' from B', C', … to E'. This shift of attention enables then a real change of the physical situation B, C, … through d to E. This is depicted in figure 6, where E is the result of the change of B, C, … through d.

Psychische, Fysieke, Verandering

Figure 6.

The physical change from B, C, … to E through d differs from the physical change from A, D, … to B, C, … through a, c, … because the first follows its corresponding psychic change while the latter is ahead of its corresponding change. So where above the psychic momentum was sketched as change initiating this is also possible for the physical momentum. Physical changes can come very rapidly. This situation is depicted in figure 7.

Fysieke, Verandering

Figure 7.

Of course an in figure 7 depicted physical change d to situation E shall be followed by a psychic change d' to E', as sketched in the earlier figure 6. The goal of this contemplation however was mainly to let light shine on circular stagnant situations. Further it must not be forgotten to place this contemplation in the context of earlier contemplations on accidence, choice and fate. May we within that context then experience, learn and change.