An Occult Interpretation of Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power and Energy


Physics knows the formula 'U = I ∙ R'. Hereby 'U' stands for the electric voltage in Volts between a positive charged plus pole and a negative charged minus pole, 'I' for the electric current in Ampère which flows from the plus pole to the minus pole, and 'R' for the resistance in Ohm between these two poles. The electric power in Watts, symbolized with 'P', is thereby calculated with the formula 'P = U ∙ I', and the (electric) energy in Joule, symbolized with 'E', is calculated with the formula 'E = P ∙ t', whereby 't' stands for the time in seconds.

Now the above formulas can be stripped from their physics interpretation to subsequently be interpreted in an occult way. Thereby it must however be taken in consideration that the occult science is intuitively, in contrary to physical sciences, which are empiric and inductively.1 With the formulas will thus no exact occult values be calculated. They are only used indicative.

Occult then the aforementioned positive plus pole regards the spiritual pole and the aforementioned negative minus pole the material pole.2 The voltage between these two poles then regards the spiritual-material voltage, symbolized by 'U'. 'I' symbolizes in this occult interpretation then the current from the spiritual pole to the material pole, or the spiritual inflow. 'R' symbolizes the resistance which the human faculties hold against the aforementioned spiritual inflow. When body, emotions and thought are unrefined a larger resistance will be held against spiritual inflow than when these are refined. With an equal spiritual-material voltage this means that the spiritual inflow with courser personalities shall be smaller. When man however gains access to a larger spiritual potency, then the spiritual-material voltage shall increase, which with an equal resistance shall lead to a larger spiritual inflow. Eventually it is the goal of the occult striving to maximize the spiritual inflow through the maximization of the potency in the spiritual pole and the minimization of the personal resistance, untill the personality is fully spiritualized.3, 4

In this occult interpretation of 'U = I ∙ R' is with expansion through the formula 'P = U ∙ I' the factor 'P' involved. Occultly 'P' symbolizes the spiritual power. The larger the positivity of the spiritual pole the larger the spiritual-material voltage, the larger the spiritual power of man. The spiritual power of man is also enlarged by the enlargement of the spiritual inflow. With an expansion with the formula 'E = P ∙ t' 'E' symbolizes the spiritual energy. This spiritual energy increases or decreases with the same factor as the increase or decrease of the spiritual power. It also goes that the longer the continuation of a spiritual power lasts the larger the created spiritual energy is. Among other reasons is therefore in spirituality a steady inspiration deemed as of greater value than for instance a short peak of devotion.5

May we then all, occultly, come under high voltage.

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