The New Time and the Corona Virus



The corona virus is an effect on the physical plane of a low vibration that cannot vibrate along with the heightened vibrations which at the moment are becoming present on this earth. The coming on earth of the heightened vibrations that belong to the coming new time has a deep effect on humans and their psychological conditions. Humans carry in them light and darkness. The light is the heightened vibration and the darkness is the lowered vibration. The light that is coming on earth asks of people to heighten their lowered vibrations. This brings about all kinds of psychic conditions. Where it is possible to go along with the heightened vibrations there a strongly deepened love and joy can be found. However where it is not possible to go along the heightened vibrations may bring psychic conditions to the surface that are of the darkness. Thus with the incoming of the new time initially much hate and fear come to the surface. Hate and fear lead to radical conservatism. The fear causes the closing of borders and the hate causes from the enwalled fortress attacks on everything which may threaten the status quo of this fortress. The battle between light and darkness is a battle between progression and conservation. And this battle may on the physical plane even express itself in real wars. An enormous play of forces is happening on this earth, wherein forces of light, of spirit, and forces of darkness, of matter, are involved. And the battle between light and darkness is waged within man. The psychic conditions which bring this about in man stay in their effect however not limited to the psychic plane. The psyche moves always between spiritualization and materialization. When the inflowing light brings about hate and fear in the psyche, this psyche is able to spiritualize these matters that are of the darkness by bringing them to the light and letting them merge therein. Where these psychic conditions however are not thus transmuted they will eventually find a way to materialization, not only through the actions of humans, but also substantially. Psychic conditions may form physical conditions. Thus hate and fear may work out on the physical plane for instance as a viral disease. This is what we see happening with the corona virus. The corona virus is literally and figuratively the effect on the physical plane of a fear which enveloped the heart of humanity and which made its breath halt. The corona virus locked humanity in its conservatism in its own house. Light flowed around the world, fear flowed around the world, conservatism flowed around the world, and now the corona virus is flowing around the world. There have already been many of such waves, and many shall still follow. The new time is presenting itself in waves of light, one after another. Heightened vibrations flow through humanity, with all their results. This cannot be resisted. Progression is inevitable and the old cannot be conserved. We must float on the waves of light. We must transmute our hate against and our fear for the new by bringing these to the light of the spirit. Only thus we are able to prevent new viral waves. May the corona virus make us become aware of this.