Diary of Eternity

Joy and Interest


Helmond, 07 February 2021

Yesterday there was a light migraine-like headache. Towards the evening, incentivized by the body, foods were tried to bring down the headache. Perhaps it was not because of the foods, but in the evening the headache had eased. The result was however that the stomach was filled and that the evenings watch was prolonged until later than normal because it was not deemed good to go to sleep with a full stomach. Towards half past eleven then eventually the shower room was trodden for the body care of the evening which consisted mostly of the brushing of the teeth.

In the about then and a half year time that was stayed in the regarded house, in the evening rarely the shower lights were turned on. It was preferred to let the landing light burn, that then through the narrow window above the shower door casted a shimmer light in the shower room. The shower mat that was placed between the high heater and the shower cabin then often became a mediation mat on which sometimes a long time was spent sitting or standing in meditation or contemplation. It had never become clear why exactly this place was so inviting for this. There was a separate meditation room, provided with a candle, that was daily visited in the morning. In the living room almost every evening was sat down near also a candle flame in orientation on the delight in the heart. But the shower mat in the small shower room, heated by the high heater and shimmer lighted by the landing light, was not inferior to the aforementioned places.

During and after the evening routine, standing on that mat, the consciousness was taken by a deep delight. The magnet in the heart pulled and in delightful allowance the hands folded now and then automatically before the face. The eyes were also in shimmer modus and were kept mostly half shut and half open, to with intensification of the delight automatically close themselves.

Parallel to that thoughtless delight there still was a stream of contemplative thoughts. The subject was not considered as very inspiring and regarded the evolutionary value of 'The Great Reset' of the World Economic Forum, that in this time period was so explicitly brought to the fore by some. It was not perceived that the ideas about it arose from the delight and neither that the delight was elicited from the consideration. It was as if both were completely parallel present whereby sometimes one came to the fore and then again the other. Joy and interest alternated. When a temporal partial conclusion was formed this nevertheless brought with it a certain happiness and the joy, involved or not, was thanked. This seemed like a good moment to round off the standing contemplation, the standing abiding in delight. As in a finger snap was stepped outside of contemplation to see that the apparent short moment of consideration and delight had lifted the time in the meantime until over midnight.

Walking across the landing to the bedroom the partial conclusion was already broken, but the mental puzzle pieces, or perhaps debris pieces, were for a later moment left behind to make room for a sleep that soon after would set in.