Diary of Eternity

Problems in the Life Stream


Helmond, 02 March 2021

Yesterday morning a proofreading took place until lunch. Although that lunch with potatoes, aubergine and spinach was tasty much of the attention still went to a subject about which that morning was read, namely about problems in life. This subject was connected to another subject about which the authors published much, namely the stream of life.

Directing the attention to the theme of the stream of life from the memory images surfaced of among other things the water stream that streamed through the village where was grown up and which a kilometre further flowed out into a larger stream. This water stream, small and shallow as it was, did not stream everywhere equally. This became especially clear when into the stream a leaf was put which in phantasy then changed into a boat. At some locations the water streamed calmly and almost invisibly and at other locations there was wildly rapidified. The latter was the case where stones or branches were lying in the stream. Sometimes these stream obstacles were formed and placed in such a way that they lead parts of the stream to little bays where the water then fell silent or could at the most circle around. Those latter locations usually meant the end of the phantasized boat trip, just like when the leaf though in a rapid still got hooked to such an obstacle.

Now once a problem was etymosophically contemplated as being an obstacle, and perhaps this played a part in a not perceived background of the consciousness when the obstacles in the water stream were going to be considered as problems in the life stream. For that analogy seemed to fit well. There are periods where life flows calmly and quietly. Where however significant problems as obstacles are encountered in that life stream a great unrest may rise. In that unrest man may hook on those problems and the problems may even lead him to a side track where he falls still or keeps winding circles. Who however in that unrest succeeds in getting beyond the problems shall experience a great rapidification in his life. Like obstacles in a water stream may speed up the flowing out of a leaf into a greater water stream, so may problems speed up the flowing out of human life into a greater life.

In the meantime not only the consideration but also the lunch was consumed, and satisfied a closing off took place.