Diary of Eternity

The Lucis Trust Logo


Helmond, 28 March 2021

About one and a half week ago a publication in the Contemplations series was completed with as title 'Psi'. There the word 'psyche' was read as 'psi-chi' and from the forms of the corresponding Greeks characters a monogram was constructed consisting of a trident and a cross of two diagonal lines at the base of the trident. In correspondence with the symbolism of the years ago contemplated Christian chi-rho monogram the cross of chi was considered to represent the cross of matter. And like the ellipse of rho was thought to symbolize spirit, which is nailed on the cross of matter, so psi was given the symbolism of the soul, which in the psi-chi monogram is also nailed to that cross. The psi-chi monogram, thus was contemplated, symbolizes the soul in incarnation.

In the morning of a few days ago no work was conducted on a new own publication but a book was proofread for a publisher of spiritual books. For this a seat was taken before a sliding door closet in which an extension shelf was placed on desk level to thus serve as a desk table, which when closing off the work could be neatly put away in a closed closet. Above the extendable shelf four fixed shelves were placed, whereby on the first one counted from below plastic drawer boxes with things therein were placed.

When the concentration on the proofreading weakened and the eyes became tired the proofreading was let go of and a relaxed leaning back took place against the rather vertical adjusted back of the desk chair. The eyes were moved away from the computer screen and found a resting point on the upper of two at the left placed drawer boxes of the bottom fixed shelf. This was the box that also contained the CD-ROMs with collected works.

Because the boxes were semi-transparent the front CD-ROM could well be seen. It was the much used CD-ROM of Alice Bailey with on it her twenty-four books of esoteric philosophy. The importance thereof for the own education was acknowledged and the eyes came to rest on the Lucis Trust logo, which was printed in white on a blue background at the right bottom. An amazement shot through the consciousness and made as in a lightning strike all thoughts fly off. The so well known logo of Lucis Trust showed a triangle with therein a slightly adjusted trident and a cross of two diagonal lines. The logo of the publisher of the books that were so intensely valuated contained a psi-chi monogram!