In the Order of Nature

  • Title: Phrases, In the Order of Nature.
  • Author: Arvindus.
  • Publisher: Arvindus.
  • Copyright: 2021, Arvindus, all rights reserved.
  • Index: 202107262.
  • Edition: html, first edition.
  • Original: Frasen, In de orde van de natuur, Index: 202107261.

In the order of nature do men love women, women babies and babies themselves

The above phrase speaks about the order of nature.1 Nature on a human level regards in its generality the personality which encompasses thought, emotion and corporality and in its specificality the latter mentioned.2 When then love in the phrase is brought into consideration it must be understood that this has reference to the human nature and not to the human consciousness or the human spirit. In the latter two orders also a loving takes place, however there on a higher level than within the natural order.3 Within the latter the loving especially has reference to instinctive movement, emotional tendency and mental particularization.4 Within the order of nature do men move and tend instinctively and emotionally towards women, women towards babies and babies towards themselves.

The above is reflected in the animal world. That there men love women we see for instance among the social living mammals like cows and horses where alpha males gather as much females as possible around themselves. That in the animal world women love babies (and thus not so much men) we clearly see reflected in solitary living mammals like tigers where males only for the gain of babies during mating are allowed near. With spiders males are sometimes even eaten by females after the mating, and with ants the males die anyway directly after mating. That further babies in the animal world love themselves we see reflected in actually the entire animal realm where the young are almost exclusively directed towards food for their own growth.

So: In the order of nature do men love women, women babies and babies themselves.