Diary of Eternity

A Mosh Pit of Emotions

Helmond, 4 December 2021

Yesterday evening a video about Corona and The Great Reset was watched, which evoked an ominous emotion. Soon afterwards lying in bed it turned out that this emotion had not yet left the personal system and thus there was a conscious try to step out of this emotion. So it was not so much tried to discard the emotion but rather to step outside of the circle of emotions.

This was a movement that was recognized from experiences from long ago. Around the age of eighteen years there was a visit with schoolfriends to a concert of the heavy metal band Metallica. The hall was completely packed and it was as good as impossible to seize a place at the front. When after a playing session there was paused people however went to get beverages and much space arose to move into the direction of the stage. The first rows before the stage were reached when the band started playing again.

Having reached the first rows in front of the stage there had been no reckoning with the certain phenomenon that in that time often occurred with heavy metal concerts. People in front created a so called ‘mosh pit’ by very wildly and roughly pushing each other in all directions. It was a complete chaos wherein no control was possible. The own small bodily stature was brutally pushed from front to back and from left to right throughout the mosh pit.

After some moments of chaos and panic eventually a push in the direction of the periphery of the mosh pit occurred because of which relieved the wild circle could be left. Standing at that edge recovery from the fright took place and there was an overview over both the chaotic mosh pit and the band.

It was this experience that lying in bed came into remembrance. The band members were the politicians who wildly played their musical instruments, the media, to make heard their roaring Corona song. The public was society and in the centre thereof a mosh pit of emotions was created by verbally smiting each other roughly, almost violently, hither and thither. However on the edge of that society of emotions, stepping outside of the mosh pit of emotions, calmness and an overview were gained. The social whirlpool of emotions, created by media playing politicians, was beheld without being drawn in. Despite the occurrence of an enormous spectacle there was calmness.

Try to stay or get outside of the mosh pit of emotions.