Life Experience as Phenomenon


It is often a subject of discussion whether life experiences are the result of the expression of the individual or the impression of contextualities. Someone with pleasant life experiences we shall often hear claim that he has to thank them to his own individual expression while someone with unpleasant life experiences rather shall appeal to contextual impression. In both cases personal tendencies, in popular speech named 'the ego', usually play a role. The personality tends to maintain itself in its best appearance. That pleasant life experiences would be brought about by oneself is of course ego flattering and that unpleasant life experiences would be contextual keeps the ego of course off target.

With life experiences we of course have to do with consciousness, and thus with the point in the circle. The point is the individual and the circle is the periphery of his life sphere, which regard his circumstances. Consciousness always moves between such a point and such a periphery. In academic philosophy this is indicated as 'the subject-object relation'1 and in esoteric philosophy will rather be spoken about consciousness as result of the interaction between spirit and matter2. So we have a point, being a subject, a spirit, an individual, and we have a circle, being objectivity, matter, contextuality, and when they want to relate to each other they will have to do this by means of a cross, being the subject-object relation, consciousness, the life experience.3

As mentioned above does academic philosophy in the subject-object relation consider a primary subject and a primary object which bring about a secondary consciousness. There is however also a philosophic movement of thought that turns around the aforementioned. In phenomenology consciousness as the occurrence of phenomenality is set primary, and in that phenomenon then subject and object are automatically contained.4 For the current subject of contemplation this phenomenological method means that life experience is set primary. Individual and context are as being secondary contained in the primary life experience. This places the question of how these life experiences came to being – through individual expression or by contextual impression – besides the point, for thus considered expression nor impression are primary.

Phenomenology here is an efficient ego killer.