Logs and Series



Since June 2002 I kept a spiritual log which I also had given the name 'Spiritual Log' ['Spiritueel logboek'] and in which I logged spiritual experiences in daily and nightly life. When during my stay in Amritapuri between April 2005 and April 2006 I started to throw out all spiritual doctrines to discover truths within myself I also wanted to log this. For this I didn't use the spiritual log but I made in July 2005 a new log which I named 'Inner Considerations' ['Innerlijke beschouwingen']. Initially especially questions were written down, but after course of time more and more formulations of received conceptions appeared. With the throwing out of the spiritual doctrines and with the inner considerations at moments also a clearer awareness lighted up. To express something of, and possibly communicate, these moments I started from November 2005 to write a series which I named 'Diary of Eternity' ['Dagboek van de eeuwigheid']. A Dutch lady whom I had met in the ashram and let read some logs from 'Diary of Eternity' was enthusiastic and indicated that I could publish them. This I already considered as a possibility myself and several years later these logs have also actually been published. The two earlier mentioned logs were in their raw form not suited for publication. 'Inner Considerations' however would become a source for publications in the 'Contemplations' and 'Aphorisms' series, and 'Spiritual Log' for the series 'Memories'. Although through the 'Aphorisms' series it was an attempted to work quicker than in the 'Contemplations' series through the raw material, only a small part of the contents of the logs could be worked out for publication. The spiritual log and the inner considerations I kept structurally and regularly actual, however 'Diary of Eternity' got after my return to the Netherlands only incidentally attention.