Love in the Corona Crisis


It was communicated that in the itself establishing new time waves of spiritual light overflow our earth and flow through humans.1 These waves of light bring, when they flow through people, that what lies hid in their dark depth to the surface. Fear and hate thus brought to the surface work out, when they are not transmuted in the light, on the physical plane. First we see man acting in a conservative way. His fear makes him close himself off for all that is alien to him. And his hate makes him attack that alien. Wars follow, leading to only more fear and hate. These cumulations of dark untransmuted psychic conditions eventually work out in the physical substances of the world which we in full consciousness know. This is how viral diseases come to being and this is how the corona virus came to being. Ironically this virus seems, while it goes around the world and visits every nation, only to lead to more fear and the therefrom following conservatism. Countries are closing their borders and ordain people to lock themselves up in their houses. People turn away from life out of fear to find there death. Not fully unintelligible because many also actually found their death there. The corona virus seems to cast a dark shadow over the earth, however it must be understood that the dark always finds its opposite in light. The heavier the dark is wherein man wanders the lighter the light is that lights up in that darkness. Masters and great angels can be trusted to be exceptionally active in this time. They bless humanity and envelope it in a blanket of love, compassion and support. Everyone is addressed in his and her heart to become conscious of this love, and also to share it. And many do feel addressed. Everywhere people step up, driven by a longing to serve humanity in this for many difficult time. Sometimes it seem to be little things. A small prayer for another. Doing some groceries. The sending of a card. A compliment to the medics who also feel addressed and work tirelessly to take care of and heal the sick. But these little things, when brought about in sincerity, are in reality radiant points of light in the dark that help to enlighten the world. It is there where the light can cast its rays. In this darkness; direct yourself to the light. Anchor it in your heart and float on its the waves that flow through the earth. And let yourself deep in your own heart be inspired by the love and the compassion of the Masters Who wish nothing more than that you would share Their love.