Following, Going and Leading the Way

In earlier contemplations was destiny related to spirit and the monad, choice to consciousness and the soul and accidence to matter and the personality or physicality.1, 2, 3 Now everything in manifestation can be seen as threefold, and this also goes for the traveling of a way. Every man travels a way and that way is threefold. The way is led, it is gone and it is followed.

Who is familiar with earlier contemplations in this series will immediately recognize that the leading of the way must be related to the monad, the going of the way to the soul and the following of the way to the personality or physicality. The human monad leads the way from destiny, the human soul goes the way from choice and the human personality or physicality follows the way from accidence.

Said differently it is the going of the way that relates the leading of the way to the following of the way, just as the soul is the mediating principle between monad and personality or physicality, consciousness between spirit and matter and choice between destiny and accidence. Accidence follows choice and choice is led by destiny.

Thus should also be looked at the way of man. A human who is still polarized on a personality level shall follow a certain way. However that way shall be ruled by accidence. However the more man gets polarized on the soul level and starts to make choices the more he shall really go a way. And thus growing to monadic polarization man shall eventually come to lead a way.

The above also encompasses that man on personality level follows others, on soul level engages with his self and on monadic level leads others.4

This way discussed above regards of course the way of evolution that brings man from his natural condition to his spiritual destination. May we then go this way and eventually come to lead it.