Author Series Title Language Index
Arvindus Contemplationam The Superman English 202110241
Arvindus Devanna Simple Peanut Sauce English 202110111
Arvindus Phrases In the Order of Nature English 202107262
Arvindus Contemplationam The Psychic Orgasm English 202107051
Arvindus Contemplationam Considerations on Tantra English 202107011
Arvindus Contemplationam An Etymosophy of 'Hierarchy' (and 'Hierarch') English 202106261
Arvindus Devanna Potatoes and Blanched Celery English 202105251
Arvindus Contemplationam An Esoteric Interpretation of The Great Reset English 202105011
Arvindus Contemplationam 'Ψ' English 202104131
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 28 March 2021, Helmond English 202103282
Arvindus Phrases Also Black Sheep English 202103242
Arvindus Contemplationam Psi English 202103171
Arvindus Devanna Mashed Potatoes and Leaf Vegetables English 202103061
Arvindus Contemplationam (Etymo)logy and (Etymo)sophy and Past and Future English 202103042
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 02 March 2021, Helmond English 202103022
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 28 February 2021, Helmond English 202102282
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 07 February 2021, Helmond English 202102072
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 06 February 2021, Helmond English 202102062
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 03 February 2021, Helmond English 202102032
Arvindus Contemplationam Freedom (and Love) English 202102021
Arvindus Contemplationam (Etymo)logy and (Etymo)sophy Summarized English 202101141
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 10 January 2021, Helmond English 202101102
Arvindus Devanna Cauliflower Leafs in Tomato Peanut Sauce English 202101081
Arvindus Devanna Brown Beans, Bell Pepper and Tomatoes English 202101011
Arvindus Quaestionam Can the Mental Unit Rise to the Flame of the Egoic Lotus? English 202101041
Arvindus Devanna Chickpeas, Spinach and Tomatoes English 202012251
Arvindus Contemplationam An Additional Etymosophy of 'Contemplation' English 202009221
Arvindus Contemplationam An Etymosophy of 'Aryan' English 202009011
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom Sub-Races English 202008281
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom The Root Races English 202008161
Arvindus Contemplationam Human Evolution and the Planes English 202008091
Arvindus Contemplationam A Lord of Choice English 202007251
Arvindus Contemplationam Spiritualness, Spirituality and Hegelianism English 202007112
Arvindus Contemplationam Etymosophic Considerations on 'Spirituality' English 202007041
Arvindus Contemplationam The Black-White Opposition English 202007022
Arvindus Contemplationam Afro-Subjectivity English 202006212
Arvindus Contemplationam Anarchy as the Anti-Christ English 202006161
Arvindus Contemplationam The Wisent and the Buffalo, A Short Fable about the Afro-Euro-American Relation English 202006132
Arvindus Phrases The Butterflies in the Stomach English 202005082
Arvindus Phrases It is Impossible English 202005072
Arvindus Contemplationam Trisport English 202004252
Arvindus Contemplationam The Truest Philosopher English 202003301
Arvindus Contemplationam True Philosophy English 202003291
Arvindus Summaries Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism English 202003281
Arvindus Contemplationam Love in the Corona Crisis English 202003272
Arvindus Phrases You Are What You Eat English 202003262
Arvindus Contemplationam The New Time and the Corona Virus English 202003252
Arvindus Devanna Chickpeas and Fennel English 202003211
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom Diet English 202003171
Arvindus Phrases Don't Use It English 202003111
Arvindus Devanna Beetroot Mung Lentil Soup English 202003081
Arvindus Contemplationam An Esoteric View on the Corona Virus English 202002281
Arvindus Devanna Rice and Raw Vegetables with Peanut Sauce English 202002171
Arvindus Contemplationam An Occult Interpretation of Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power and Energy English 202002072
Arvindus Contemplationam An Elucidation of 'Live and Let Live' English 202001152
Arvindus Contemplationam 'Live and Let Live' English 202001112
Arvindus Contemplationam Present, Presentation and Representation English 202001031
Arvindus Contemplationam Subjectivity with Teachers English 201912192
Arvindus Contemplationam Human Types in Discussion English 201912122
Arvindus Contemplationam 'Ageless Wisdom' and 'Sanatana Dharma' English 201912081
Arvindus Contemplationam 'I Am That I Am' and 'Aum Tat Sat' English 201912031
Arvindus Contemplationam Psychic and Physical Stagnation and Change English 201910212
Arvindus Phrases Good Enough English 201910162
Arvindus Contemplationam Eccentricity, Extroversion, Intrinsicity, Introversion English 201910141
Arvindus Contemplationam Depression English 201909171
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom The (Human) Centres English 201909091
Arvindus Devanna Cauliflower Leaf Soup English 201908231
Arvindus Contemplationam The Evolution of Service English 201908223
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom Service English 201908221
Arvindus Contemplationam The Niqab, the Burqa and Levinas English 201908122
Arvindus Contemplationam Transsexualism and Transgenderism English 201907302
Arvindus Phrases Needed Are Not Minorities in Top Positions English 201907142
Arvindus Devanna Broccoli Soup English 201907031
Arvindus Contemplationam Sex and Love English 201906192
Arvindus Contemplationam Euthanasia (and New Age Thought) English 201906152
Arvindus Memoriam Memoriam English 201904002
Arvindus Phrases 'Nowhere' English 201902251
Arvindus Devanna Pasta with Eggplant in Tomato Sauce English 201901291
Arvindus Phrases A Life Coach English 201901192
Arvindus Contemplationam Organization (and Organision) English 201812301
Arvindus Phrases That One Looks Down upon Another English 201812272
Arvindus Devanna Mashed Potatoes and Carrots English 201811281
Arvindus Contemplationam Centralisation, Decentralisation and Elevation English 201811101
Arvindus Devanna Tomato Cabbage Soup English 201809151
Arvindus Phrases Adultery English 201803181
Arvindus Devanna Orange Mango Ginger Smoothy English 201803081
Arvindus Contemplationam The Visionary Artistic Eye Perspective English 201708081
Arvindus Contemplationam The Artistic Eye Perspective English 201708061
Arvindus Contemplationam Dealing with Relativism English 201707261
Arvindus Devanna Tomato Soup English 201707051
Arvindus Contemplationam Divine Intervention (and Blessing) English 201707011
Arvindus Devanna Vegetable Rice with Caraway, Cumin and Nutmeg English 201706291
Arvindus Contemplationam Fate and Accidence Reflected in Choice English 201706231
Arvindus Contemplationam Show Goodwill English 201706012
Arvindus Devanna Cucumber Mung Lentil Soup English 201705231
Arvindus Contemplationam The Triangle of Choice English 201705151
Arvindus Contemplationam The Quadrants and Karma English 201705051
Arvindus Contemplationam The Quadrants of the Cross in the Circle and the Cycle of Manifestation and Obscuration English 201705031
Arvindus Contemplationam Choice as Subject of the Beta Sciences English 201704282
Arvindus Contemplationam Materialism in the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Sciences English 201704162
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom The Age of the Mother of the World English 201702251
Arvindus Contemplationam A Classification of Academic Philosophers English 201702172
Arvindus Contemplationam Egocentrism: Egoism, Narcissism and Egotism English 201701132
Arvindus Contemplationam Supra-Individual Karma English 201609271
Arvindus Contemplationam The Karmic Spiral English 201609122
Arvindus Contemplationam The Exemption Class English 201609052
Arvindus Contemplationam Karma and Dharma and Choice and Fate English 201608291
Arvindus Contemplationam Self-Reflexivity English 201608222
Arvindus Memoriam Devanna English 201608164
Arvindus Devanna Beetroot (with Potato / Carrot) English 201608161
Arvindus Contemplationam Choice and Karma English 201607111
Arvindus Contemplationam Etymology and Etymosophy Elaborated English 201602271
Arvindus Contemplationam Donation English 201601281
Arvindus Contemplationam An Exploration of Hope (and Optimism) English 201511181
Arvindus Contemplationam Accidence, Choice and Destiny as a Ninefold English 201510162
Arvindus Contemplationam The Cross in the Circle: Consciousness and Duality English 201510131
Arvindus Contemplationam Nazi Analogies English 201509081
Arvindus Contemplationam Consciousness and the Threads; A Short Sketch with Drawings English 201509042
Arvindus Contemplationam Sleep and Death; A Short Sketch with Drawings English 201508162
Arvindus Contemplationam Naturality, Normality and Morality English 201508101
Arvindus Contemplationam Competitive and Cooperative Communication English 201508031
Arvindus Contemplationam Subjectivity, Objectivity and Conjectivity English 201507281
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom The Constitution of the Hierarchy English 201506171
Arvindus Phrases Poverty is a Vice English 201505011
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom The Threads English 201504191
Arvindus Contemplationam 'Sister' and 'Brother' English 201502241
Arvindus Contemplationam An Etymosophy of 'Father' and 'Mother' English 201501261
Arvindus Contemplationam Digital Piracy and Ethics English 201410011
Arvindus Contemplationam The Relations of Classes English 201409202
Arvindus Contemplationam The Exodus of the Spiritual Class English 201409061
Arvindus Contemplationam Politics, Law and Economics as Exoteric Reflections English 201409011
Arvindus Contemplationam An Interpretation of the Bhagavadgītā, Chapter IV, Śloka 18 English 201407251
Arvindus Contemplationam Exoteric Classes and Esoteric Divisions of Humanity English 201406281
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom The New Age English 201405031
Arvindus Contemplationam Heidegger's Thought Symbolized English 201404182
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom Classifications of Humanity English 201404081
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom Cycles English 201403131
Arvindus Svadeva Deodar Cedar English 201403012
Arvindus Svadeva Field Mint English 201402282
Arvindus Svadeva Tulsi English 201402272
Arvindus Memoriam Svadeva English 201402264
Arvindus Svadeva Jatamansi English 201402262
Arvindus Contemplationam Jatamansi in Agni Yoga English 201402181
Arvindus Contemplationam An Etymology of 'Nardostachys jatamansi' English 201402112
Arvindus Contemplationam Destiny, Choice and Accidence Contextualized in the Ageless Wisdom English 201309091
Arvindus Contemplationam 'Is there Life after Death?' English 201308312
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom Triplicities in Man English 201308292
Arvindus Contemplationam An Esoteric Interpretation of Rembrandt's Philosopher in Meditation English 201307081
Arvindus Contemplationam Accidence, Self-Determination and Destiny English 201306221
Arvindus Contemplationam Respect and Work(lessness) English 201305282
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom The Egoic Lotus English 201305241
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom Man on the Planes English 201212031
Arvindus Memoriam Ageless Wisdom English 201211104
Arvindus Ageless Wisdom 'Secret Wisdom Teaching' English 201211101
Arvindus Contemplationam Fear of Horses; A Perspective from the Ageless Wisdom Teachings English 201210281
Arvindus Phrases Spiritual Statuses are Not Indicated by Material Statuses English 201205201
Arvindus Contemplationam Person Perspectives English 201205091
Arvindus Memoriam Translations English 201204183
Arvindus Contemplationam Solutions to Problems of Ownership and Possession English 201204101
Arvindus Contemplationam A Setup for a Metaphysicratic Manifest English 201204032
Arvindus Contemplationam Crisis: Etymological Considerations English 201203251
Arvindus Contemplationam An Etymological Anthropology English 201203081
Arvindus Contemplationam Impulsiveness and Spontaneity English 201201191
Arvindus Contemplationam Economics, Politics, Ethics, Metaphysics English 201111041
Arvindus Contemplationam The Spiral of Realization English 201109261
Arvindus Contemplationam An Elucidated Etymology of 'Contemplation' English 201107281
Arvindus Contemplationam The Problem of Self-Determination English 201107261
Arvindus Contemplationam The Fractalness of 'Aum Tat Sat' English 201107191
Arvindus Contemplationam Inter-Wedlock as Touchstone for and Path to Acceptance English 201107081
Arvindus Contemplationam Considerations on Time English 201104141
Arvindus Contemplationam An Answer to the 'the Chicken or the Egg' Question English 201103311
Arvindus Contemplationam Etymological and Esoteric Roots of 'Arch', 'Arc' and 'Ark' English 201103261
Arvindus Contemplationam A Small Sketch of the History of Western Spiritualistic and Materialistic Orientations English 201103091
Arvindus Contemplationam The Absolute Absolute English 201012051
Arvindus Contemplationam Contemporary Democratic Politics: A Theatre English 201011071
Arvindus Contemplationam Being and Change: Implications of Heidegger's Thought English 201010201
Arvindus Contemplationam A Logical Refutation of the Capitalistic Slogan English 201006051
Arvindus Contemplationam A Fable on Capitalism: The Mouse and the Rat English 201005051
Arvindus Contemplationam Reduction (and Pseudo-Reduction) English 201004221
Arvindus Contemplationam Sex: Human Reproduction, Mystic Enlightenment and Cosmic Creation English 201003081
Arvindus Contemplationam Bhakti, Jñāna, Romance, Sex English 201002051
Arvindus Contemplationam Sex, Romance and Love: Types of Attraction English 201001181
Arvindus Memoriam Arvindus and Contemplationam English 201001094
Arvindus Contemplationam Sex: Unity Cut into Duality English 201001091
Arvindus Phrases Being Nobody English 200912272
Arvindus Academic Philosophy A Heideggerian Mysticism English 200908282
Arvindus Academic Philosophy Heidegger's Play of Being English 200901152
Arvindus Academic Philosophy Samkhya Yoga Translated to Western Philosophical Concepts of Attention English 200901052
Arvindus Memoriam Written Use of Language English 200900002
Arvindus Academic Philosophy Attention: Between Materialism and Spiritualism English 200811272
Arvindus Academic Philosophy The Subjective Spirit Summarized in its Generality English 200806262
Arvindus Contemplationam The Normalis-Syndrome English 200707112
Arvindus Academic Philosophy The Five Proofs of God of Thomas Aquinas English 200705242
Arvindus Academic Philosophy Ethics or Know Thyself, A Consideration of the Ethical Work of Peter Abelard English 200704102
Arvindus Academic Philosophy Conception of Faith with Marx, Feuerbach and Kierkegaard English 200701052
Arvindus Academic Philosophy Descartes and Spinoza on Substance, God and Man English 200612182
Arvindus Memoriam Academic Philosophy English 200609002
Arvindus Phrases The Slaves of Authorities English 200608132
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 15 July 2006, Helmond English 200607152
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 26 June 2006, Helmond English 200606262
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 18 April 2006, Aarle-Rixtel English 200604182
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 09 April 2006, Aarle-Rixtel English 200604092
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 05 April 2006, Amritapuri English 200604052
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 27 March 2006, Amritapuri English 200603272
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 25 March 2006, Amritapuri English 200603252
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 24 March 2006, Amritapuri English 200603242
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 21 March 2006, Amritapuri English 200603212
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 19 March 2006, Amritapuri English 200603192
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 27 December 2005, Amritapuri English 200512272
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 21 December 2005, Amritapuri English 200512212
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 10 December 2005, Amritapuri English 200512102
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 05 December 2005, Amritapuri English 200512052
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 03 December 2005, Amritapuri English 200512032
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 01 December 2005, Amritapuri English 200512012
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 30 November 2006, Amritapuri English 200511302
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 29 November 2005, Amritapuri, II English 200511274
Arvindus Diary of Eternity 29 November 2005, Amritapuri English 200511273
Arvindus Memoriam Logs and Series English 200511002
Arvindus Poetry Mantrajapa in Dogmatism English 200509132
Arvindus Poetry Ahoy There Brave Sailor English 200210051
Arvindus Contemplationam Spirituality, Ethics and Sense Giving English 200206122
Arvindus Poetry Bodily Eternity English 200000002
Arvindus Poetry Many People Keep Living in the Past English 198600001